Friday, September 13, 2013



The occupiers came and went.
It seemed the movement then was spent.
And yet, the echoes still rebound --
That "ninety-nine" and "one percent"...

I dreamed I walked, where Wall Street stood.
But all was gone -- and gone for good --
The bustle gone, the hustle too...
I woke, and dreaming understood...

For Charles M. Blow, a numbers-guy,
Might read the stats and tell me why.
And I'll be grateful, nod my head,
And none, of what he says, deny.

But hush!  If you would cup your ear,
That sound -- that's quiet, you would hear,
That's yet like surf or rolling thunder.
Hark!  It rises -- and is near!

2013 September 13th, Fri.

Occupy Wall Street Legacy, by Charles M. Blow
(New York Times, 2013 Sep. 14)

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