Saturday, June 15, 2013

To Be a Bee

To Be a Bee

On walking home today, I stopped to see
The doings of a busy bumblebee.
It sipped the nectar from the fragrant blooms
And seemed as happy as a bee could be.

With gentle breezes blowing from the sea,
I stood and thought, “I wish that could be me.
If only I could sip from fragrant blooms
And be as happy as this humble bee!”

How often has a human thought to be
A hummingbird, a butterfly or bee?
To rise and dart, to hover, dive and sip –
How many felt, “If only that were me!”

Alas, I only stopped awhile to see,
As pesky voices kept reminding me,
“You've things to do!” And so, I felt the whip
And could no longer stand and be that bee.

2013 June 14th, Fri.


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