Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Cheerful Note

A Cheerful Note

How many dirges should I sing before
You bid me stop -- or do to me much worse?
Is there a reason you should bear yet more
Of dismal gloom and whining, set in verse?

So now, before you hit again "delete",
Let me reward forbearance you have shown.
I now shall try to strike a cheerful note,
That thing, for which, you know, I'm widely known!


I heard a bird sing out the other day.
A year ago, perhaps, I heard it sing...
And cheery was that song I think I heard.
It had, you know, a joyful kind of zing...

Ah yes!  I also saw a puppy, out at play.
Upon the grass it ran, in circles tight.
That too was quite some time ago.
It seemed to show, in running, great delight...

Is that enough?  The moon!  I saw that too.
In phases full and gibbous, crescent and
In new-moon phase, when it had vanished quite.
And all of that was -- really kind of grand...

And I saw stars -- or were they planets?  Both!
I even saw the sun, but not for long,
As it was bright and tried to hurt my eyes.
I saw the sun, and found its light was strong...

I saw some trees, oh just the other day...
I noticed it was spring, with winter gone.
And some of them were pretty, so it seemed.
I still had eyes -- and things to look upon...

But when my eyes are gone.... Oh no!  Not now!
A cheerful note is what it's all about!
So back to that.  How wonderful are eyes!
And I have ears -- and voice.  So here's a shout!

Let's see...  I still can feel -- the cold and warmth, the pain...
Not that.  Ignore that last.  It's pleasure that I feel!
There's food -- and sex -- at least the thought of that,
And sleep -- though troubled.  Scat!  Let's turn the wheel
Ah!  Waking!  What a pleasure, no?
Well, sometimes not... Ignore that too.  
And people!  Family!  And friends!  But where?
Oh here and there, afar, the ones like you...

Is that enough?  It seems that "cheerful note"
Is hard to find and seems to turn to sour...
No matter!  There!  I've tried!  Now you can vote
And hit "delete" again -- with all your power.

Still there?  Your stomach must be truly strong!
With friends like you, a poet should reform.
No more of  doleful stuff or rantings mad...
But cheerful things -- and those that do inform...

The bird, the puppy and the waving trees...
The sun and moon and shining planets/stars...
The pleasures left, the family and friends,
The eyes and ears -- and all the news of wars....

Oh drat!  Not "wars".  No war stuff here.  Omit!
It's "peace"...  How wonderful is peace...
That peace that comes when we're about to die...
What?  Death!  Not that!  Let's hit "release"...

So there's my cheerful note -- or notes of cheer.
I hope I leave you somewhat satisfied...
Forbearance has borne fruit, I hope of taste
That's sweeter than what verses past supplied...

Enjoy the sweetness, let it last awhile...
Some say that honey should be laid on thick...
Now I shall leave, lest bitterness and bile
Return.  There!  Swallowing's the trick!

Babui / Arjun
2012 May 13th, Sun.

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